Keeping phenomenologists informed since May 2002

The PHENOMENOLOGY – NEWSLETTER was started on the 2nd of May 2002 by the Romanian Society for Phenomenology with the collaboration of the Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology (CARP). It is sponsored by the Organization of Phenomenological Organizations (OPO). This weekly newsletter will include up-to-date information regarding the most important events in the field of phenomenology:

  1. calls for papers for conferences
  2. programs of coming conferences
  3. tables of contents of journals carrying phenomenological articles
  4. announcements of new books
  5. visiting professor appointments and other honors received
  6. reports on conferences (photos welcome), and
  7. other major events

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How does this newsletter work? By making use of the information received from you! Please send your announcements at our address, including a link to a website where our readers can find the extended information. Please send only information related to Phenomenology !